Our CONNECT & RELATE Course for Change Leaders

The course offers you an understanding and practical comprehension of:

  1. An Introduction to Change Management
    • What is change management?
  2. The characteristics of a change leader
  3. Change projects
    • Roles & and responsibilities, terminologies, and change forums
  4. The types of change and ideal approaches for each
  5. Why Change Management?
    • The case for your change and the benefits to be realised
    • Create a vision
    • Create a change strategy
    • Understanding the initial impact an d the vision – in real terms
  6. The structured and logistical side of change management
  7. Preparing people for change, from a leadership perspective
  8. Keeping people motivated and rewarding successes.
  9. Measure progress and report achievements
  10. Deal with resistance and project challenges, from a leadership perspective
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