Aug 31

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Oct 22

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Sep 19
  • Gov 2.0 University – I'm very proud to announce the launch of this new joint venture with Hinchcliffe & Company and LMI. I was at EPA for the beginning of "Web 1.0" and helped launch one of the very first government Web sites. Ever since then, I continue to believe there is a fantastic opportunity for government agencies to use the Web to better serve their constituencies and revolutionize our democracy. The term "Gov 2.0" may smack of hyperbole, but that does not change the fact that there are great opportunities afoot for us to improve our great republic!
  • The Dirty Little Secret About the "Wisdom of the Crowds" – There is No Crowd – Interesting article about Vassilis Kostakos research that shows that small, vocal groups can control the voice of the "crowd" and what some sites are doing to address it.

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Jul 29
  • Report: Social Networks Growing while Other Social Media Sites Stagnate and Decline – RWW's sumamry of the interesting report from Universal McCann showing that the holistic social networking sites (Facebook, Orkut) are starting to absorb activity from the niche social media sites (Blogger, Flickr).
  • In the Future, the Cost of Education will be Zero – Josh Catone pulls together a number of great references to argue that: "The marginal cost of education is being driven toward zero due to social media and innovative approaches to online learning like OpenCourseWare, Flat World Knowledge, and the University of the People. That’s because the nature of information is such that it can be created once at cost and distributed and consumed over and over again for free."

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Feb 19
  • SpeakerRate – For all you public speakers out there: SpeakerRate is designed to help you promote the talks you’re giving – and get that critical feedback you’re seeking.
  • Six ways to make Web 2.0 work – The McKinsey Quarterly – More about Enterprise 2.0 than Web 2.0, McKinsey provides a great business primer on how business leaders can leverage social tools to improve company performance. It is telling that of the six ways, 3 address organization culture, 2 address processes, and one addressed technology. Supporting again my assertion that culture is the biggest challenge of the E2.0 3-legged stool.

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