Jan 11
  • Technology Review: Market Watch: Convergence Is King – On in a series of articles Tech Review has on "The Future of Media". Convergence marches on. A great summary quote from the article: "The key technical characteristic of what works is the ability to facilitate consumers' desire to read, watch, or listen to any content they want, anywhere, anytime."
  • Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python – An educational diversion for the budding computer programmers in your family!

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Jul 23

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Dec 04

I wanted to post this video for two reasons: 1) They used the nearly the same headline as I did (and who knows how many others have ;o); and 2) while my post is a dry review of the ways to generate revenue on the Web, Charlene Li and Sarah Lacy have a brief but interesting discussion about why monetizing social networks is different from search and other general Web advertising (the favored monetization model on the Web).  I especially liked Charlene’s comment that Twitter may be amassing a more valuable data set than Facebook because they capture what “people are paying attention to” right now.  Take five minutes to check it out:

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Aug 05

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Jul 02
  • Poking Holes In The Long Tail Theory – An updated view of the Long Tail. No big news here – it has always been an "leverage the tail in addition to the head" not a "leverage the tail instead of the head" proposition.
  • Dawn of the Un-book — Internet Time Blog – Jay Cross takes a look at the decline of book readership and proposes the "un-book" to consumerize authors work. Includes interesting statistics about book reading in the US

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