Jan 30
  • The Myth of "Micro-Learning" | Bottom-Line Performance – Finally, a voice of reason in all the micro-learning hysteria. I believe it is really only suitable to what we used to refer as "electronic performance support systems" – basically to help you perform a specific task. Many (most) things cannot be effectively taught in micro-doses.

    From the article: "The concern I have is that we make an assumption that we can and should winnow down all learning initiatives to fit into this 4.8 minutes per day or 24 minutes per week."

  • Why Organizations Don’t Learn | Internet Time Blog – Another insightful post from Jay Cross. The reference HBR article is good stuff too!

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Jan 05

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May 23

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Apr 05
  • The Importance of Microlearning in eLearning Design – From the post: "Today’s learners (myself included) are often overwhelmed with too much information. We’re distracted by competing priorities and are impatient to get the information we need. When you incorporate microlearning into your eLearning course design, you’re able to meet the needs of your learners by providing bite-sized pieces of information that are easy to digest."
  • How to identify a good instructional designer – Good checklist to use when considering an ISD hire. But I would add they need to be master storytellers and accomplished writers as well. It is rare that you get a project staffed with a dedicated writer and the ISD often has to play that role.

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