Welcome to my mental wanderings! Years of procrastination have finally given way to the launch of this blog. Here I plan to share my thoughts on learning and life in the 21st century and, more importantly, hear your thoughts as well. I hope you find the site amusing, thought provoking and that you will join the conversation.

But first, proper introductions are in order. My name is Jeff Kelly and I suppose in the simplest terms I am a teacher and toolmaker. Not a proper teacher with a classroom and students – though I do aspire to join that second noblest of occupations one day. Instead, I teach people and groups how to innovate and perform better in today’s technology-driven world. I also develop and deliver tools that help individuals and organizations work better. From simple process-improvement checklists to full data-driven Web applications, I identify performance gaps and create tools to help fill them. So, in today’s parlance, I might be called an instructional designer, performance improvement consultant, application developer, organizational development consultant, process analyst, management consultant, etc. But I prefer the simpler title of teacher and toolmaker. (If you are interested in real titles, education, etc., please visit my Linked-In profile.)

As my friends will attest, I am quite willing to prattle on and on about nearly any topic, no matter how little I might actually know about it. In other words – I’m ideally suited for blogging. I’ve procrastinated about blogging for years since I type about as well as I floss (reluctantly, sloppily and only using a few fingers). But the time has come to share my bent wisdom with the world so more people can speculate about my mental well-being. I will try to keep my posts on topic, but make no promises.

I am a computer geek at heart, though I don’t get much time to practice these days. My passion lies at the nexus of technology, organizational strategy, and human performance. The dynamic nature of technology means that organizations and individuals must continually adapt. Adapt to new ways of working, new ways of communicating, new ways of learning, and new ways of living. Hence the name of this blog. I intend to focus on how people can learn to adapt more quickly to the rapid change around them.

But enough “about” already. My fingers are getting tired and I do need to floss latter. Please comment freely – I much prefer conversations over narcissistic soliloquies.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. 1. Jay Cross Says:

    Jeff, I recognize a kindred spirit. I’ll be in Northern Virginia (Belvoir) March 27-28 and wondered if we might have a F2F chat.


  2. 2. Melissa Says:

    Hey great…insight into your brilliant brain, even when you no longer sit next to me!

  3. 3. Teddie Says:

    My first visit to a blog — egad. I’m still trying to adapt.

    What’s “bent wisdom”? You mention sharing it in your “About” segment.

  4. 4. Jeff Kelly Says:

    Teddie: It’s a fairly tongue-in-cheek reference to the thoughts (rants?) that I post (or used to post when I had more time). Many of those are listed in the “Chaffless Grain” column on the right of the page.

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