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One of my most popular learning programs is a series of four webinars entitled, “Thriving in the Virtual Workplace.” It actually started out as a three day training program for OPM and, over the past few years, has since gone many iterations and updates resulting in four 90-minutes webinars:

  • Creating a Remote Work Culture sets the foundation for the program by helping individuals and teams establish “Rules of Engagement” to work better remotely.
  • Making Remote Work looks specifically at what research says about working remotely and gives you insights into your work habits and how you can be more productive in a remote environment.
  • Building the Virtual Team focuses on how to use technology to maintain collaboration, camaraderie, and productivity as more teammates work remotely more often.
  • Virtual Team Management closes the circle on “Rules of Engagement” and introduces Results Based Management.

As the program evolved over the years, I’ve incorporated lots of research and other great resources, but was much too lax on building a single resources page for it. So this post is to rectify that. What follows is an assuredly incomplete and rather scattershot list of some of the resources that went into the design of the program, organized by which webinar they most closely track to:

Creating a Remote Work Culture

Making Remote Work

Building the Virtual Team

Virtual Team Management

Well, there is the (spotty) list thus far. I will update this post as I discover (or remember) other resources. If you have any suggestions for things that should be added to the list, please leave me a comment!

written by Jeff Kelly

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    My name is Gina Willis and I am graduating with my Ph.D. in Management next week. I focused a 216-page dissertation on “Exploring Factors that Affect Job Satisfaction and Work Outcomes of Virtual Workers”. Since that time, I have created a facebook page and I am in the middle of designing a website – I would like to be added to your email list and will gladly share your articles that highlight today’s dynamic workplace. Just email me at or better yet … please follow my facebook page and post your links. Have a good day and thank you for such an informative article. – Gina

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