Jan 02

Welcome to 2008! This is the obligatory first post to my blog. It offers practically nothing of any substance. You might want to ignore it.

Based on what I have seen of the 70+ million other blogs out there (Disclosure: I have not visited all of them.), in this first post I need to explain that I am new to blogging, that I’m excited to share my thoughts and that I hope you will share your comments. I should then plan to blog everyday and actually do so for the first two days. And then life will intervene (perhaps in the form of a suddenly incontinent pet) and I will miss blogging for a week. This will help me recognize that my life really isn’t interesting enough to share more than once a week any way. So, then I should resolve to blog one a week and will – for two weeks. After that, realizing that no one is actually reading my blog, I should drop in one or two posts before the blog becomes entirely dormant.

But since I hope this blog will not go dormant until I do (Disclosure: I do not actually have a dormant season, but during January and on most Sundays I am quite lethargic.), I will take a different tack. I have blogged elsewhere before, I have mixed feelings about maintaining my own blog, and I really only want you to share your thoughts if they add value (the exception being any comments that are really, really funny).

As for the purpose of this blog, I already put that on the About Page. And as you will learn there, I am a horrible typist so I am not going to repeat it here. That would be an insult to Tim Berners-Lee’s whole hyperlink concept anyway.

Congratulations! You made it to the end of the inaugural post. I would have lost interest midway through the second paragraph. (Disclosure: I have self-diagnosed ADD.) I do hope that you will read the other, more substantive posts and share your thoughts. Thanks for visiting – ya’ll come back, ya here?

written by Jeff Kelly

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